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Operating North London and around the M25 we have a range of services that have grown from our success in our car breakdown recovery north London. Now, along with offering a competitive and speedy breakdown service we also extend our excellence in vehicle management to incorporate buying and selling cars, transportation, towing, scrapping cars and car services not just within the motorway but across the whole of the UK.

Vehicle Breakdown Recovery North London

SDG Cars Breakdown Recovery And Cars Transportation London Covering the whole of London we aim to be the quickest and most affordable breakdown recovery service. We understand the frustration when you’re left without a working vehicle and so we aim to solve the problem quickly and without fuss allowing you to return to your daily life. If our breakdown recovery mechanics can’t fix your car on the side of the road we’ll quickly make the decision to give you a replacement car until yours is up and running again. Is what you need!

Any Car for Cash

No matter how old your car is or how much work it needs doing we offer you cold hard cash, often within the hour. We don’t like to waste your time, so our competent, efficient team ensure you leave with full pockets quickly.

Car Transporter and Vehicle Towing North London

Our car transporter service covers not only London but the whole of the UK and we are very popular as our prices are transparent with no sneaky added extras. From domestic to commercial, single cars to fleets we can transport or tow cars to wherever you need them to be.

Car Breakdown North London

We also offer a range of services from sourcing your perfect vehicle to fixing and maintaining your pride and joy. Contact us or check out our price list where you’ll be shocked by our affordability. SDG Car Recovery London has been operating for a number of years and the keys to our success are speed, efficiency, experience, transparency and excellent customer care.

Vehicle Breakdown - Being Prepared if you Break Down on the Roadside

Car Breakdown First Aid Kit London It doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with or what time of day or night it is, car breakingdown is very stressful and it can be quite frightening. All of a sudden the freedom you’ve taken for granted has been taken away and you are quite powerless to fix it.

Our breakdown car recovery in Central London and Harrow will be with you within the hour and you can organise your car transporter, vehicle towing, breakdown recovery or battery jumper once the roadside assistance arrives, however there are a few tips to follow to ensure you stay safe and stress free until the mechanics arrive.

Car Breakdown - General Rules that May Save Your Life

If you can avoid stopping somewhere dangerous, these include places with poor visibility for other drivers, bends, roundabouts, and the brow of a hill.

As you find a safe place to stop, use your hazards. If your car will simply not go any further, use your emergency triangle, placing it 45 metres before your car so other drivers know to slow down.

Don’t use an emergency triangle on a motorway – this can be highly dangerous.

Unless you are a qualified mechanic, don’t try to fix the car yourself, there are electrics, and other hazards that could harm you.

If you are involved in an accident, call the emergency services first. They will cordon off the area within minutes. You can sort our car breakdown recovery London, vehicle towing to London, car scrapping or even car transporter London or everywhere M25, later when you know everyone is safe.

Car Breakdown on a Motorway

There have been many stories about vehicles accidents that could have been prevented on motorways. For instance a man told to wait in the passenger side of his car on the hard shoulder was killed after a lorry crashed into his brokendown car.

Car Breakdown on a Motorway London

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon scenario.

To ensure you stay safe:

  • Always leave the car. The majority of vehicle accidents happen with passengers inside a stationary car on a hard shoulder. Get out AS SOON as you can. Even if it is dark and you are a lone female you have more chance of being killed by a speeding vehicle on the hard shoulder than you do by an opportunist attacker in the dead of night.
  • Exit from the left! Never leave the car from the driver’s side. This kills. Gary Rhodes made this mistake and was very badly injured. Leave by the passenger side.
  • Get off the Motorway. Climb up the embankment or over a fence to the nearest field, anywhere but on the road or the hard shoulder. It should go without saying that trying to cross a motorway is foolish and should not be attempted!
  • If there are people who can’t move - such as the disabled. Make sure they have their seatbelt fastened securely and leave them in the car.
  • Pets should also be left in the car as if they run into the road or cause a distraction to passing drivers they can cause huge accidents.

The hard shoulder is a very dangerous place indeed and only suitable for stopping, not staying. Due to the dangerous nature of the hard shoulder, you may find that your car is crashed into which is obviously distressing however as long as you are all safe you’ll be thankful as you can easily find a breakdown car recovery company who will scrap your car for free, or tow your vehicle.

You can be prepared by making sure you always have water, an extra layer of clothing and a fully charged phone on you when you’re driving.

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